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This DVD is from the Summer of 1986.

You'll see The Main Street Electrical Parade, Totally Minnie Parade, Fantasy Follies and a nighttime show at the Golden Horseshoe called Terri Robinson and The Rhythm Brothers.

This is a DVD retrospective of the one the only..the ORIGINAL Disneyland, right here in California, here is what was going on entertainment-wise during the 1986 summer season:  

We all grew up with the MAIN ST ELECTRICAL PARADE, and many of us sat on Main St USA and did the "special clap" and actually believed it was US shutting off the lights as the announcement told us.
"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Disneyland proudly presents our spectacular pagaent of nighttime magic and imagination in thousands of sparkling lights and electrosynthomagnetic musical sounds. The Main Street Electrical Parade!"

As truly amazing as this was, and memorable perhaps a more faded memory is that of 2 PARADE FLOATS that didn't last long at all  - one was the float of  RETURN TO OZ and the whimsical SMALL WORLD float  - BOTH which caught fire and were never replaced.
This version of THE MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE brings to life the original moments with the Blue Fairy, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, King Lion from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Peter Pan, and many others..along with the
gone forever SMALL WORLD float(burned in a fire)!  This float is right before the To Honor America and the ELP's grand Finale!
See The Main Street Electrical Parade where it originated and where you first saw this magnificent light parade.
Come celebrate this seasonal icon of Disneyland and all the magic that kept us entertained in 1986! 


Totally Minnie

Totally Minnie Parade showed how hip Minnie really was and is. See her in the flashy 80's outfit.

Watch as the Country Bears perorate in their ballet outfits.

Mary Popping and Peter Pan join in on the fun. In this parade and Electric the best Pan ever can be seen.

Watch Cinderella, Alice and Snow White sing like The Supreme's.


Fantasy Follies

Fantasy Follies was a daytime show at Carnation Gardens. Stars of the show were Mickey and Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald. Along with great sidekicks like Chip and Dale, The Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little Pigs and the Bears from Country Bear Jamboree.

A wonderfully fun show for the kids and adults. Especially when Chip, Dale and the Country Bears come out in moustaches then do the Conga.

It was great fun to watch Mickey and Minnie sing and dance.


Terri Robinson and The Rhythm Brothers

This was a cute show which buzzed around every night during the summer.

See Terri as a flapper, Betty Boop and watch as the audience laughs as she come out in a Bumble Bee outfit.

Here some great songs in harmony.

The guys normally performed country music in Bear Country as the Big Thunder Mountain Boys.

Terri was back up for Betty Taylor for the world famous Golden Horseshoe Revue. If the show had continued today, it was rumored Terri would eventually replace Betty Taylor once she retired.

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