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Rod Miller brought joy to thousands 5 days a week at Disneyland for over 3 ½ decades.  Rod distinctive renditions of ragtime favorites were one of the bright spots on Main Street U.S. A. at Coke Corner.  Many guests dropped by the piano – the famous and non-famous all looking to have some fun.  And fun they had when Rod performed.

Rod learned to play the piano by slowing down the player piano.  Once he learned a song he then added his on special style.  If someone requested a song he did not know, Rod would purchase a piano roll and begin to learn the song. 

Rod began performing ragtime piano back in the 60’s at Shakey’s Pizza and Northwood’s Inn.  A Disneyland talent scout watched Rod at the Maple Leaf Club and immediately knew who he wanted performing for the guests on Main Street. 

And perform Rod did, with a smile on his face, he brought joy, fun and laughter to all who came to hear his music.

Rod discovered an amazing young man who wanted to learn Rod's style of Ragtime music. Alan Thompson was a perfect student; he quickly learned the piano. One day while practicing together, they decided to try performing Ragtime on the same piano.

This collaboration brought a unique show to the Disneyland guests. Four Hand Piano became a crowd pleaser at Coke Corner. Rod and Alan began arranging new material to perform with their Four Hand Piano shows.

Rod still performed at Disneyland sole and continued to perform Four Hand with Alan on weekends.

Rod recently retired from Disneyland.  Reading many of the Disney message boards, Rod is truly missed by many.

His music can still be heard on a CD called Ragtime and performing with Alan Thompson on the CD Four Hand Piano.  Found recently was a performance back in 1993 of Rod performing all of our favorite tunes - A Tribute to Rod Miller.

Sometime before the end of the year Extinct Attractions will have a 3 DVD set of Rod Miller.  The first 2 DVD set is a very recent interview with Rod himself – 1 – Rod Miller at Coke Corner 2 – Rod Miller Memories of Disneyland with the 3rd DVD a shorter version of Rod Miller performing back in 1993.

Leave a message for Rod on his message board..... Rod Miller Message Board

See Rod Miller on YouTube.com

Maple Leaf Rag

12th Street Rag

There is a good chance the DVD set will be out by March of this year.  Go to www.extinctattractions.com for any updates.   Dave Oneal will announce an upcoming podcast with Rod in the next few months.