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Rod Miller Performs at Disneyland in 1993
This is a 2 DVD set with the one and only Rod Miller Performing at Disneyland back in 1993

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This DVD is Approved by Rod Miller himself. 

This is a great trip back to yesterday, with the one and only Rod Miller, not only the Ragtime pianist, but a friend to the passholders, and all guests at the park.

See Rod Miller in his prime, back in Feb. 1993.  How vibrant he is with his fingers playing at breakneck speed!!!!!!!!
This is a 2 DVD set – with Rod performing his first song on that day to the end of the night with the Grand Finale.  Watching this is like seeing a time capsule, it's phenomenal, and shows the true genius that will forever be...ROD MILLER.
With Rod’s recent retirement, those days are gone forever.  With this DVD you can remember the fun and laughter around the piano.
Meet the ORIGINAL Piano gang - Annual Passholders, and characters from the past –
Suzanne 'The Dancing MaMa',
Bonnie ‘the French Poodle’,
Mr. and Mrs. Miller dancing to the Johnston Rag,
see Doug back in those days.
This is Disneyland the way it was, before the multitudes descended on the park.  This is Rod Miller at his most shining time in the Park we all love.
He has NEVER played Maple Leaf Rag faster; it's amazing to see his hands really work!!!...and his eyebrows go up and down, not to mention the wonderful anecdotes we are all used to hearing.
Go back in time to remember taking out your quarters, tapping away with Rod - you see 2 tap dance numbers.  Who can forget the fun interacting with Rod to Take Me Out to the Ballgame and the Grand Finale with twirling umbrellas.
See the original tap dancers (quarters) and the originators of the Spinning Umbrellas way back in the early 80’s.  They are the two couples sitting at the table in the early evening portion of this wonderful trip down memory lane.
Hear the ‘UnderWear Song’, which Disneyland asked Rod to no longer perform!!!   It has never been heard since.  Also included are some songs with lyrics changed – Disneyland requested Rod to use the correct lyrics.
This is a great trip back to yesterday!  Even if you were a casual visitor at the piano see and hear the atmosphere of Disneyland long gone. 


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