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 This is the ultimate Disney and Disneyland show!!!  This show ran during the 90/91 season. (35th Anniversary)

 This is a two disc DVD - you will see two different “One Man’s Dream” performances. 

  1.      The first is the 6:00 PM show with the sun still shining down. 

   2.     The second is the very last performance of One Man's Dream at Disneyland - performed at night.

 This show was so popular that Cast Members and Annual Passholders packed Videopolis (Fantasyland Stage) for the final performance. 

  •    Hear the audience cheer during their favorite parts.
  •    Watch as Alice In Wonderland wipes tears from her eyes during her solo performance. 
  •  See the Pirates during the Peter Pan scene instead of pulling out jewels from the treasure chest; they pull out handkerchiefs to cry into.

  In both performance:

 See Mickey and Minnie go from black and white to color in front of your eyes.

Watch Mickey moonwalk in the Gold Finale.

 Follow Alice In Wonderland as she dances "in a world of her own with her flower friends".

 Chase cats and dogs in He’s A Tramp and Everybody Wants to be a Cat.

 Watch Peter and the Pirates with Captain Hook and actually see Wendy and Peter FLY right above the stage!!

 The magic of the Disney Princess follows, and Walt Disney’s Original princesses:




and their subsequent Princes' as they take us on a journey 'Once Upon A Dream"


 Mickey and Minnie

 Donald and Daisy

 Goofy and Pluto

and a cast of 40!!!!!

As they go Hollywood And  lead you thru the magic that was..and is..."ONE MAN’S DREAM"

These DVD's are the original show and the final performance that will take you back to the heart of Disneyland and it's "performance decade" never replicated again.

Disney has slowly removed it's amazing performers, shows and performances...never again will you see these amazing dancers or Barnette Richie's PHENOMINAL choreography perfectly recreating the magic onstage that Walt created in the Features.

 Own It Today – Re-Live The Memories of Disneyland’s Past Entertainment

 Another Wonderful Addition for any Disney Collector. 


Scenes from One Man's Dream